Let’s talk about voice search

Deliver better product search results, shorten customer paths and boost your mobile sales!

Nearly 70% of e-commerce traffic is mobile, yet its conversion rate is much lower due to clunky search interfaces.

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Voice interface frees your customers from arduous clicking through facets and filters. It’s the new standard for product search in e-commerce.

On average, 3.7 times faster than classic methods

Gen Z and Millennials’ preferred form of interaction

The most natural form of communication

Known to provide higher accessibility

Let’s talk about voice search

See what the voice interface is made of

ASR: Automatic Speech Recognition

It’s what makes voice search so fast and, at the same time, accessible to customers—regardless of age or disabilities—breaking through the digital divide.

NLU: Natural Language Understanding

It’s a set of algorithms which instantly detect all relevant pieces of information in a given query: product type, price, size, color, gender, their synonyms, and the context of their use.

Interactive SERPs

Products matching the customer’s query are instantly displayed on the screen. The user can now change, add, or remove all search criteria by voice, enabling an exploratory search experience.

Conversational module

Searching for products voice-wise is similar to having a conversation with a salesperson in a brick-and-mortar store. The search engine will guide the customer and ask for additional criteria if those given are ambiguous. When browsing this way, customers may discover products they want that they haven’t even thought about.

Let’s talk about voice search

The NLP market will reach $48.46 billion in 2026

That’s almost five times more than in 2020 ($10.72 billion)

Voice Commerce is already a $40 billion industry

Voice Commerce is the future of sales.

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